Pliant Plastics is just one company of an innovative and progressive group of companies with capabilities aligned to complement each other. Services and manufacturing capabilities are networked to maximize combined strengths, minimize costs and reduce development timelines for our customers. Individually, these are good companies. Together, their achievements will exceed your expectations.

Shape Corp.
Core Products & Services: Engineering, design and production of custom rollformed and assembled sections.
Primary Markets: Automotive, appliance, office furniture and other industries.
Strengths: Crash energy management; on-site crash test lab; innovative engineering solutions; ultra high-strength steel; in-house prototype facility; and progressive techniques for the design, development and production of custom sections and tubes; enthusiastic and well-trained work force; in-house tool maintenance; individualized service.

Light Corp.
Core Products & Services: Design, production, assembly and distribution of fluorescent and solar lighting products.
Primary Markets: Office furniture, retail displays and other industries.
Strengths: Lighting design, assembly of electronic products, internal team-oriented environment, excellent customer service, electronic ordering.

Core Products & Services: Blend and distribute environmentally safe coolants, lubricants and industrial cleaners.
Primary Markets: Commercial and industrial accounts.
Strengths: These completely biodegradable coolants, lubricants and cleaners pose no risk to the environment or to employees. The proprietary formulation uses colloids and other ingredients to make the products both safe and effective without V.O.C.s or harsh additives.